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Shield 1000

LED Powered Water Purification

The patented Puralytics ® process employs LEDs to excite our proprietary nanotechnology mesh which drives light-activated water purification processes. The Shield achieves advanced disinfection and detoxification with improved aesthetics. Pathogens (bacteria, virus, protozoa) are sterilized and many types of unwanted organic compounds are broken down. Examples include taste & odor compounds, emerging contaminants (personal care products & pharmaceuticals), fertilizers and pesticides, and industrial chemicals (petrochemicals, toxins).

Shield 1000 Lab App.jpg

Unit Specifications

• Water Recovery: 100%
• Water Production: 0.5-2.6 L/min | 200–1000 gallons per day
• Pressure Drop: 5–25 psi @ 200-1000 gpd
• Power Consumption: 570 Watts
• Power Input: 100-240V 50Hz-60Hz
• Ambient Operating Temp: 5°C–30°C | 41°F–86°F
• Dim: 81.3x30.5x45.7cm | 32”Hx12”Wx18”D
• Weight: 27.2kg | 60 lbs.



• Small footprint
• Flexible configuration (modular and scalable)
• Easy integration and operation
• Low pressure drop
• Low maintenance requirements
• No chemical additives