Municipal water supplies vulnerable to disasters, but new technology from Puralytics helps families prepare

December 10th, 2012

On the heels of Superstorm Sandy, meteorologists and climate experts are describing disastrous weather events not as a once-in-a-generation phenomenon, but as an increasingly likely effect of climate change, underscoring the need for everyone to have home disaster readiness kits.

"Disasters like Sandy show that even with some of the best infrastructure in the world, increasingly severe hurricanes, floods, droughts, wildfires and other natural disasters can disrupt and contaminate our water supplies for many days," said Dr. Eric Rasmussen, a disaster medicine physician most recently deployed with FEMA for Hurricane Sandy. "Storms like
Sandy remind us how quickly we can lose our access to clean drinking water, and how miserably sick dirty water can make our children. Water purification should be a core component of every home and office disaster preparedness kit."

In the past, public health authorities recommended boiling water when supplies became contaminated. While boiling is a well-established and effective means of removing bacteria and viruses from water, it does not remove chemicals or heavy metals.

Now there is a safer, more effective and much easier alternative to boiling water.

The SolarBag, developed by Puralytics, a clean tech startup company in Beaverton, OR is a water purification system that uses sunlight-activated nanotechnology to produce multiple quarts of safe, fresh water several times a day. The 3-liter SolarBag is the first non-powered, non-chemical system to ever exceed the requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Standard and Protocol for Water Purifiers. The award-winning SolarBag technology from Puralytics is the only retail filter available that removes bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and chemical contaminants to full EPA standards.

"In the U.S. we often take clean water for granted and assume it will always be available anywhere, anytime, but it won't." said Mark Owen, founder and CEO of Puralytics, "The SolarBag is becoming an essential addition to any home disaster readiness kit. It eliminates the need for power, chemicals, pumping or filters and provides clean, safe water all through the day."

The SolarBag is the only water purifier that's proven it can remove virtually every lethal toxin found in contaminated water, including gasoline, diesel fuel, pesticides, herbicides, toxic heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, and pharmaceuticals like artificial hormones and animal antibiotics. The nanotechnology is activated by sunlight, but it works on both sunny and cloudy days and does not require any external power source, consumables or chemicals. The empty bag can be stored for up to 7 years, and can be reused hundreds of times, making it ideal for emergency situations.

The SolarBag is available through stores and online retailers and also from leading emergency preparedness suppliers like Infinitum Humanitarian Systems and American Preparedness Center.

The ability to remove all types of contaminants from water, including dangerous bacteria and viruses, chemicals, and heavy metals has earned Puralytics recognition as a pioneer in the water purification industry. Its patent-pending, light-activated nanotechnology water purifiers have won numerous awards over the last year, including National Grand Prize at the Cleantech
Open, selection as a Global Water Intelligence "Best Investment," the Zino Green Fund "Best Cleantech Investment," was listed by Inc Magazine as one of the top 8 water investments of 2012, and finalist for both the ImagineH2O Water Energy Nexus Award and for TechCrunch cleantech award. Puralytics was also named a Top 50 Water Technology Company by The Artemis Project, and placed on the Global Cleantech 100 - a list of the top 100 private companies in clean technology as evaluated by the Cleantech Group LLC.

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