Water provides the means for life on Earth. The natural water cycle includes several cleansing steps for purifying our water:

  • Distillation as water is evaporated from oceans, lakes, rivers, and land.

  • Filtration as water flows through subterranean soil, sand, and rocks.

Water Cycle

In the last century, people have added many "invented" chemical compounds into this cycle that cause damage to virtually all forms of life. Once these are injected into the environment, they do not go away. The natural water cycle draws these contaminants into increasing concentrations, both near to the source of the pollution and thousands of miles away.

Most water purification technologies trap pollutants in filters, but create a huge disposal problem for these saturated canisters. Many end up improperly in landfills, and slowly return the pollutants to the ground water and the water cycle. Membrane technology concentrate pollutants in a waste water stream, creating more problems than they solve.

The Puralytics ® Process actually breaks down most chemical compounds into primarily carbon dioxide and water, eliminating them from the environment. Elements other than hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen are "mineralized" into non-toxic forms. Heavy metals that are captured are reduced to a less toxic state, and then permanently adsorbed onto the surface of the nanotechnology coated mesh, resulting in easier disposal than any filtration technology.

Pure water for the Planet

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Puralytics ®, a water purification equipment company headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, has developed a patented photochemical water purification process using only light energy to activate an advanced nanotechnology photocatalyst. There are no chemical additives and 100% of the water is purified. Puralytics Shield, LilyPad, and SolarBag ® water purification products set new standards for sustainability, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

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